BULKEM Chemicals & Consulting has been established to provide the “REACH Only Representative Services” to companies exporting chemical substances, preparations and articles from non-EU countries to the EU countries.


BULKEM Chemicals & Consulting is a consultancy company founded under the laws of Bulgaria and located in Sofia - Bulgaria.   Besides consulting services related to REACH regulations, BULKEM Chemicals & Consulting is dealing with importing & exporting of chemicals.


BULKEM Chemicals & Consulting can assist companies to comply with REACH regulations, including managing your substance starting from pre-registration until the registration.

BULKEM Chemicals & Consulting can provide support about the topics below for companies subject to REACH regulations:

-        Business planning and an inventory of chemicals impacted by REACH.


-        Setting up and managing consortium for data sharing with full confidentiality.


-        Supervision in IUCLID 5.


-        Preparation of REACH registration dossiers.


-        Compiling and assessing data quality.


-        Placing and monitoring of studies.


-        Development of exposure scenarios, modeling and evaluation.


-        Communicating with expert authorities and the European Chemicals Agency.


-        Only Representative, Third Party Representative and Downstream User Representative services for clients.







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